The Mooring Posts
These are the mooring posts that the an old boat is still moored too...!
I'm Hungry
My daughter looking for a treat from the fridge...!
Danger High Voltage
A familiar face on the streets of Drogheda for a few years.
Salterstown Light
A beautiful sunrise on the beach in Salterstown, County Louth in Ireland
Warp Speed
A shot that has been quite successful for me in the past. Taken whilst driving the car through Drogheda in County Louth...!
Slow Decay
One of my favorite shots of all time. This is the wreck of an old boat on Baltray Beach in County Louth, Ireland. It has slowly being decaying since I was a child.
The Hiding Pheasant
This little fella was hiding in the long grass one morning as I walked along the banks of the river Boyne
Old and new close together in Birmingham City. Selfridges to be precise. Stunning building.
The lonely stare
A guy selling The Big Issue magazine on the street in Drogheda, Ireland. He had such expressive eyes.
Salterstown Sunset
A beautiful sunset on Salterstown Beach in County Louth in Ireland
Gyles Quay Dawn
A sunrise shoot at Gyles Quay, County Louth, Ireland. I missed a great sunrise by not being in the right location but am happy enough with this shot.
Gyles Quay Pier at sunrise
A sunrise shoot at Gyles Quay, County Louth, Ireland. The sun is just clipping the top of the pier in this image.
Port Evening
The last rays of the sun just catch the tips of the rocks in the foreground.
Baltray Dawn
Like bats in a night sky the crests of the sand ridges peak above the still water at dawn on a deserted beach.
The Happy Couple
Can we go now...????
My boy Bailey waiting for his orders from my girl Niamh...!
A Bleak Dream
A recreation of a weird and quite bleak dream I had. Its maybe a bit morbid but thats the kinda stuff i dream about every now and again..!

As an update on this image. I entered it in the Irish Photographic Federation print and projected images competition and it won the Colour Print section as well as taking the best overall image prize...! Delighted
An autumn look
My daughter in the woods amongst the trees...!
Dinner at my place....
An entry for a composition competition in my camera club.
Ciaran's stare
My godson Ciaran...!
Tree at Dawn
The last of an old Oak tree (I think) along the river Boyne at Slane in Ireland
Silent Valley, County Down
A quick family trip to Silent Valley to scout the area for a shoot. I will be returning with all the gear....! Shot handheld with the daughter in the other hand....!
Another look....
My nephew Aaron posing with a weird kind of scary look...!
Hands of Faith
My nana's rugged hands!
Butterfly Wind
My daughter fighting a battle with the butterflies...!
The Girl in White
Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin City Centre
New and old
The Spire set against a backdrop of the GPO on O'Connell Street in Dublin City Centre
The General Post Office (or GPO) on O'Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland.
Grenville Tree
A beautiful tree on Grenville Street in Dublin
Before the Rain 4
A series of photos shot in 10 minutes of good light on a beach in Ireland.
Cooley View
Taken in the Cooley Mountains in county Louth, Ireland. The mountain above Carlingford cutting a slice through the rapidly moving clouds. Blowing a serious gale too but a stunning thing to witness!
My Christmas trees
Playing around with some christmas decorations and customising the bokeh on the lens...!
Fire in the sky
Playing around with various techniques photographing fireworks. This time defocusing during the exposure!
Percy the Pug
My pug percy in his christmas suit!
Let me Out
A recent darker entry into a Camera Club competition. My daughter again with a bit of messing in post processing.
Me and my Elephant
A recent fun entry into a Camera Club competition. My daughter holding her new pet elephant!
Dark Evening
A dull dark dusk shot from Dunany Head in County Louth, Ireland.
Rough Tide
A rough tide at the pier at Salterstown, a local beach in County Louth, Ireland. The feet got wet for this one!
Blue Dusk
Dusk at a local beach in Ireland. The cloud was about to release a lot of rain and hail. Took 2 or 3 shots and ran for the car...!
Birmingham Man
Had a chat with this man in Birmingham. What a character. He could talk for his country...!
The wash....
A dull dawn in Ballydowane Cove in Waterford, Ireland
Rushing waves
A dull dawn in Ballydowane Cove in Waterford, Ireland